I’m Making Small, Healthy Changes in 2020 by Following This One Simple Rule


Every year, millions of Americans set out to tackle their proposals. Losing weight often tops the list, but by February, our willpower begins to fade, and suddenly, finding an open machine in the gym is not so difficult. Most of us indulge ourselves before we make our resolutions.

But this year, I am doing things differently. Instead of panicking and overcoming all my perceived shortcomings, I am setting small, attainable goals. If you are like me, you want to go to all the offers. I equate it to spring cleaning: when the urge to do it hits, you want to fix everything. You start strong, but by the end, you’re dusting dust under the rug and storing junk in the cupboard. The same goes for resolutions.

We have heard that real weight loss does not happen fast, it is a meditation practice, and will have to overexert myself when starting a new fitness routine – yet I admit that I made these mistakes and in the name of tackling More my resolve. Therefore, this year, I am setting two big goals and breaking them into small and micro-goals that I can accomplish without burning. I am not labeling my resolutions in a way that causes me guilt or shame.

This year, my goals include my weight and my writing – two emotionally triggered words. I have insulin resistant PCOS, and for my health, I need to lose about 30 pounds. If you have ever been in the same boat, you know how scary this number can be. I have a challenging goal to finish the novel before I turn 30 (I’m 28 now). Both of those resolutions seem tense when “losing 30 pounds” or “writing a great American novel” is written.

I know that if I frame them that way I will feel overwhelmed and defeated. So instead, I’m making it my goal to “run the charity race for more than 5K” and to finish “a (very) rough draft of the least acceptable novel”. Neither of those goals seems scary to me, and they make it hard for me to remember that I can definitely do that.


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