I Did 50 Burpees Every Day For 30 Days, and Here’s What Happened


Like all good fitness challenges, it started with an Instagram post. My friend Julie, a rogue crook and stand-up paddleboard champion announced that she was going to try 50 servants every day for 30 days, inspired by a runner who completed a similar challenge. Seen a huge improvement in his overall fitness. “Who’s with me in this?” Julie asked in her post, and I knew I was screwed. I tagged my running partner in the comments and asked him to voluntarily join the challenge because of the kind of friend I am. We will start the next day (theoretically). At the risk of ruining the suspense, I will overcome the end: We did it. We recruited 50 burpees a day for 30 days and even a few other suckers to join us. Here are the main takeaways:

1Starting is the hardest part. Grapes are not easy. Doing 50 bureaus at once is a tough Air Force, and I’m not even going to lie about it. During my 30-day challenge, though, I probably spent more time giving them time while I was actually doing them. There was always an excuse to be available: too hot, too tired, too busy, too hungry, too full, too good a day to get sweaty. Once I got the first set of 10 on any given day, though, I knew I was clear – just a few minutes away from me having momentum another day. I learned to start on my daily dose of other burpees I thought about it. Don’t pass, don’t collect $ 200, don’t run through a list of excuses or promise I’ll do them later – just pull my hair back and hit the deck.

2Momentum is everything. I am not talking about the physical speed of doing burpee – I am talking about the metaphorical pace of doing something every day. That whole “we’ll start tomorrow” thing? It took us three days to really commit to the challenge of getting started. But once we had the first day under our belt, it got a little easier every day. I went for 11 consecutive days and felt non-stop. . . Until I went camping, that is. After a seven-hour drive, I decided to skip a day. During the next seven days, I only did 50 airpeps once, after that I was back home with air conditioning and an indoor shower. There was more power than I anticipated breaking my 11-day pace. Good News? I started again and found my pace. I spent six extra days at the end of my challenge and moved on.

3Maybe the most efficient exercise on earth. I have run two marathons, completed a handful of triathlons, and I teach megformer classes twice a week. Prior to this challenge, however, each time I’ve done it has generally been part of a HIIT class. Setting the settlements apart as their own workouts, they described how they target every muscle in my body and get my heart rate through the roof. My whole body ached for the first week. I did a real sweat job every 30 times, even every time. Next time I am traveling somewhere without great gym access or just need to cram a good workout in a short time, my going is definitely going to happen. many of.

4OMG, my arms. My ARMS, you guys. Very annoying. I did a push-up under every bureau, and it turned out that 50 push-ups are a lot in themselves, much less combined with other elements of a bureau. During the first few days, my arms had sunk a bit (I hope my boot-camp trainer isn’t reading it yet), and the soreness lasted for another week. Ouch. Flipside? My arms were seen significantly higher on the 30th than one day. The photo above is about day 20 of the challenge, and when I saw it I accused the photographer of photoshopping someone else’s hand on my body. I go to the muscle somewhat easily, but even I was surprised by the end of the challenge. If you want to increase muscle tone, especially in your arms, however, you can consider birds.

5 helps to maintain good form. I am not claiming that my burqa is photo-perfect, but 1,500 reps later, I learned two tricks that made the perfect form a little more accessible. The first thing to do is to avoid locking the elbow when you shoot back in the plank position but to completely engage the arms so that you are already halfway down in your push-up until then Until your feet hit the ground behind you. The second is to be deliberate about actually engaging the abs during the squat-thrust component of the movement (jumping the legs from the plank position to meet the hands), which not only protects the lower back, but the whole Makes movement more powerful and controls. Remember how I said that my abs and arms were ground for a full week? There is a possibility to thank them for these “tricks”.

6 takes less time than you think. It takes fifty in large numbers. The initial reaction of most people hearing that I was doing 50 burpees a day was something along the lines of, “That’s so much! I can never do that!” I didn’t give myself time every day, but many times I set a stopwatch, I don’t think it ever took me more than eight minutes. I think the fastest set was about five and a half minutes. I always break it down into five sets of 10, taking as little or as little rest between each set (usually less than a minute). Once I realized that even on my slowest day, the most precious day I could complete it in less than 10 minutes, it felt easy. “It will be over in eight minutes” was often the Pepsi thing I gave myself when I debated the legacy. Considering the fitness benefits (see numbers two and three), eight-or-less minutes per day actually sounds like a bargain.

7Accountability helps. My friend Julie challenged me, I pushed my running mate inside, and among all of us, we found some more friends to join. Many of us posted daily time-lapse videos to my servants’ Instagram stories, more than once, I was tempted to give up one day but I knew that the next time I opened my DM inbox I would get the hell out of it. Will have to be paid I set the IRL accountability to my advantage, as well as schedule “burpee dates” after a yoga class or a short period of time, to tell my workout partner that I would do 50 burpees after my workouts (and usually give them Convince me to do something) all with me).

It was hard and easy to do 50 bureaus every day for 30 days, which I expected – I was really surprised how quickly I could do it every day and it was an efficient full-body workout. I was also amazed at how much of a challenge I had in my head – how long it took me to spoil it, how I beat myself to fall behind, and the mental workout of learning to complete it was probably as valuable as a month.

Physical exercise to take out 1,500 people. This is what I love about challenges like this: You never know what the takeaway will be. This time it was praised with arms and renewed for the rite of commencement. I am not sure what the next challenge will be or what will happen at that time, but I think there are more of these challenges in my future. knock Knock Who’s there?



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