How to Live Like a King or Queen in a Hostel


Staying in a hostel can either be a wonderful experience… or hell on earth! Most of us who often stay in hostels have a horror story, or at least have heard from someone else.

The thing is, hostels shouldn’t really be an unpleasant place to live (they should be a horrible and inexpensive place to live). There are some things that you can do to make hostel life blah. We have narrowed down to 8 helpful tips to ensure that your next hostel stay is memorable for the right reasons. Keep reading to know our expert tips on staying in hostels like a king or queen!

HOSTEL Life: How to Live Like a King or Queen

# 1 – Welcome to a private room

One of the best ways to live like royalty in a hostel is to treat yourself for a night or two (or even longer) in a private room in the hostel of your choice. A private room in a hostel gives you privacy and some perks of a hotel room, at no heavy cost. Trust us – after your short personal vacation, you will feel more refreshed and recharged.

If your hostel does not have private rooms, look for a room nearby. If you choose to retreat a bit to another hostel, simply pack a backpack or small suitcase full of your clothes and amenities. Then, just leave the rest of your belongings in your main hostel. Hostels are usually very safe when it comes to dropping your bag for safekeeping, so don’t be shy to ask.

# 2 – Perform New Tracks

A king or queen needs to know their surroundings, especially as it is the easiest way to discover new treasures. From museums and art galleries to monuments and cultural relics, there are places to see from head to bottom.

Then, can you see what is best in your new home? Use a travel service that allows you to book tours and activities. These services are designed to offer substantial discounts at local attractions, so you can see more and more (as well as move your dollars further!) With being a little frugal as you travel. There is certainly nothing wrong – so reaching deals is a great way to blow your budget able to get what you might not otherwise have.

# 3 – BC Society!

The reason many people stay in hostels is to make new friends. So why are you hiding in the corner? Go upstairs and introduce your fellow hostel mates, and make some friends! We know it can be difficult, but having a group of travel companions will make your trip memories even sweeter.

This is especially for someone traveling solo. Sometimes some alone time is great, but after a long time, it can feel isolated. Also, can you find all the treasures of your new home with someone else, or in a group of people hanging out on your behalf?

Fortunately, many hostels make the whole process easier by organizing social events every day or every day. While each hostel has different offerings, common ones also include bar crawl nights, local walking tours and classes such as cooking and yoga. There are also many hostels that host hostel family dinners to join everyone once a week for pocket change.

The best way to find out is to ask at the reception desk and check for any passengers pinned around the hostel. You are likely to meet a large group of people – some of whom you may plan a future trip to meet again.

# 4 – Change your bed sheet

Can you hear that Your mom and dad are happy at this tip? If you stay in a hostel for more than a week, it is advisable to ask for your sheet to be replaced around the one week mark. Some hostels offer bed sheet changes every two days as standard, and there are some who do this daily!

Of course, you have to make sure that you do not have too many items on your bed, lest you miss changing a luxurious sheet. After sinking into a clean bed after a daylong search, there is nothing better.

What’s more, it is plain clean to change your sheets regularly. Experts recommend changing your sheets once a week or once every two weeks. If there is nothing more than what you are doing, do not worry, when we come to this, most of us get a little lazy. So, why not give up on a good new habit when you are in your next hostel? This will help you stay in tip-top health so that you can enjoy your journey to the fullest.

# 5 – Choose a hostel with sprouted bunk beds

One of the most luxurious hostel facilities is a curtain with your bunk bed.

There are many reasons why, once the curtain rises, you will never back down.

First of all, it gives you privacy from everyone else in your room. Even most of us social require some time apart from new dorm friends, so a curtain provides a literal layer between you and others in your room.

And depending on how thick your curtain is, it may help you get some extra shut-eye, as you will be less likely to wake up due to natural sunlight or people turn the light on and off (I would also recommend getting a sleep mask and earplugs). Finally, when you are sleeping, the curtain is a welcome shield for others. No one, after all, wants to see his sleeping face, because it doesn’t flatter the most! More and more hostels are installing curtained beds, so be sure to search around to find one.

# 6 – Bringing Your Own Children

While many hostels offer free shower, if you want to add a little sparkle to your hostel, you just want to bring your own luggage

. Other than the fact that many hostels have nothing written about shampoo and body wash at home, sometimes they can dry out your skin and hair. In some cases, you may not react so well to them and may experience itching or burning with continued use.

Why not “splash out” on some of your very own toiletries? This does not require you to spend too much – you can choose your favorite brand in the supermarket. One more luxe idea is to take locally manufactured products to a local market or handmade goods store. Especially for those located in more affordable countries, you will find that you have options for hand-made toiletries, ranging from organic soap strips to shampoos made from local ingredients.

A bonus of purchasing local products is that you will give back to the community.

Who says you are not a philanthropic king or queen?

And whatever toiletries you bring, if you want a bag to keep them, this Hanging Toiletries of Expert Travel is ideal for travel of any length.


While we are on the subject of bringing your own things to make your stay more comfortable, you might want to consider bringing some creature comforts from home (if you have space in your bag, of course) Huh? It can certainly be overwhelming when you are in a new city, let alone a new hostel. Nothing is familiar, and you have a lot to use.

Sure, it can be exciting, but it can be trying to wrap your head around a lot of new things. So why not make this process easier by bringing some items from home that will help bring change in your new environment? Whether it is a picture of your family or friends from home, a small three-wheeler, or even a teddy (we don’t worry, we won’t tell!), The whole difference of your stay by bringing some creature comforts with you can do.

# 8 – Ask for a discount

if you have been staying in the same hostel for more than a month, then why not try asking for exemption?

Hostels often appreciate them by offering some form of leeway to loyal loggers. The thing is, many people do not directly advertise this fact. It may not even be a policy, but if you have befriended the employees and the boss, they can bend the rules just for you.

Sure, they can say no, but there is no harm in asking, you really have nothing to lose.



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