Ease Back Into Fitness After the Holidays With This Simple One-Week Workout Plan


If you took a break on fitness in the holidays, then good for you. Working out is great, but so relaxing, eating cookies, and spending time with friends and family. You’ll be back to your workout feeling refreshed and ready to crush the new year!

When it’s time to hit the gym again, we have some advice: Don’t go immediately for your hardest workouts. “It’s better to relax and ramp up over time”, Lauren Saint-Louis, 3+ personal trainer at Equinox Bryant Park. Do not pressurize yourself to lift your maximum weight, run your fastest mile, or even workout every single day during that first week. If you go for less intense, less frequent workouts then you will be more motivated and be more consistent and work your way slowly. “To do a little less than before, you will accomplish a lot more over time,” she told POPSUGAR.

It also helps with planning. This is where we come in! We conducted the following get-back-in-fitness workout plan in a strength-strength-cardio-rest format, which Lauren recommended. “This setup allows for just enough recovery, yet not too much where you challenge yourself and miss the window of opportunity for speed and progress,” she explained.

We have recommended one workout for each day of the week, and sometimes two can choose between you, depending on whether you have access to gym equipment or dumbbells. It is important to be positive and patient with whatever workouts you do. When you’re easing back into your workout schedule, Lauren said, “The only expectation to set for yourself is to show up every time.”


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