4 Habits That Will Help You Be More Mindful in the New Year


1 focus

“Mindfulness Meditation can help you separate yourself from your thoughts and connect to the present moment,” said Sharon Weltfried, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist. “With repeated practice, Mindfulness Meditation can help you gain insight into the functioning of the mind and enhance your ability to be present.” If you are not sure where to start, Dr. Weltfried tried guided meditation using apps such as Headspace and Callum, which can help you learn the basics and build your practice slowly.

2Watch what you eat

“This may sound strange, but many people have trouble with mindfulness because they certainly don’t agree on what they should take care of,” Dr. Jones said, noting that it’s a good place to start paying attention to something like the food you eat. “I am not saying that you need to count calories, but just to be more mindful and aware of what you are eating every day. Once you learn how to do this, you can do it in your life. I can care more about other things. ”

3 listen when people speak

Do you really listen when your friends speak or are you just waiting for your say? “Listening attentively can make the speaker truly be heard and felt and enhances the connection,” Dr. Weltfried said. “Set your intention to pay full attention to what you are speaking. Speaking briefly becomes the object of your meditation practice.”

To do this effectively, “step back from the notation that occurs as a result of preconception, evaluation, romantic, or self-paced thinking, and limiting your perception, causing misunderstandings or making the speaker feel unheard.” “Listen with ignorance, openness, curiosity, interest, and compassion.”

4 Turn off your devices

Too much screen time can lead to disaster for your own good. Dr. Jones said, “Technology is great. But it often steals our time away from useless activities and at the same time brings a lot of stress to our lives because business can be conducted 24/7 via email and telephone calls, “Dr. Jones said. “Give yourself 30 minutes for an hour without technology. It’s a great way to distance yourself from the virtual world and be mindful of the current world you’re living in.”


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